Office Hours: 7:30-5:00

Board Information

Board Members

Chairman - Mark Vergenes
Vice Chairman - Cindy Stewart
Treasurer - Lisa Riggs
Secretary - Brian Reynolds
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer - Constantine "Dino" Mandros

Board Meetings of 2014

*All meetings start at 8:00 AM and are held in the Conference Room at 111 North Prince Street.

Thursday, January 23rd -Minutes
Thursday, February 27th
Thursday, March 27th
Thursday, April 24th
Thursday, May 22nd
Thursday, June 26th
Thursday, July 24th
Thursday, August 28th
Thursday, September 25th
Thursday, October 23rd
Thursday, November 20th
Thursday, December 18th

Board Meetings of 2013

Thursday, January 24th -Minutes
Thursday, February 28th -Minutes
Thursday, March 28th -Minutes
Thursday, April 25th -Minutes
Thursday, May 16th -Minutes
Thursday, June 27th -Minutes
Thursday, July 25th -Minutes
Thursday, August 22nd -Minutes
Thursday, September 26th -Minutes
Thursday, October 24th -Minutes
Thursday, November 21st -Minutes
Thursday, December 19th -Minutes

Board Meetings of 2012

Thursday, January 26th -Minutes
Thursday, February 23rd -Minutes
Thursday, March 22nd -Minutes
Thursday, April 26th -Minutes
Thursday, May 24th -Minutes
Thursday, June 28th -Minutes
Thursday, July 26th -Minutes
Thursday, August 23rd -Minutes
Thursday, September 27th -Minutes
Thursday, October 25th -Minutes
Thursday, November 15th -Minutes
Thursday, December 20th -Minutes

Board Meetings of 2011

Thursday, January 13th -Minutes
Thursday, February 10th -Minutes
Thursday, March 24th -Minutes
Tuesday, April 5th -Minutes
Thursday, April 21st -Minutes
Thursday, May 19th -Minutes
Thursday, June 23rd -Minutes
Thursday, July 28th -Minutes
Thursday, August 25 -Minutes
Thursday, September 22 -Minutes
Thursday, October 27 Quorum not met
Thursday, November 17th -Minutes
Thursday, December 15th -Minutes

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