Repairs to the stairwells in the Duke Street Garage will begin on Wednesday, Aug. 15, and are expected to be completed by late fall. Both monthly permit parkers and visitors can continue to use the garage during the construction period.

“The stairs will be repaired as we continue to keep our garages in a state of good operating order without interruption,” said Larry Cohen, CAPP, executive director of the Lancaster Parking Authority. “The work will commence with one stairwell at a time, so there will always be one set of stairs open for public use. Parkers can also use the elevators.”

Repairs will begin on the west side stairwell closest to Hotel Lancaster. After those repairs are complete, repair crews will commence on the east stairwell.

“The Duke Street Garage entrances and exits will remain open. There will be no change in operation,” said Cohen.

The stairwell repairs are part of LPA’s scheduled summer maintenance program. Repair work has been completed in the King Street Garage and repairs continue to the upper levels of the helix in the Prince Street Garage and are expected to be completed by the end of fall. The total cost for the 2018 maintenance and rehabilitation work is close to $1 million.