When you see him, the first thing you will notice is his smile. Roberto Aguilera has a big job. He keeps Duke, Prince, and Central Street Parking Garages clean. He works in the Lancaster Parking Authority’s housekeeping and technical services group and is always on the move.

By 5 a.m., he stops by his supply closet, grabs what he needs and is out on the job. Aguilera works quickly and efficiently to make sure the garages are clean by the time parkers start arriving for work.

“I check everything and clean inside the garages,” said Aguilera, who has worked at LPA for almost six years. “I clean the stairwells, the elevator, the windows and floors and the light bulb covers.

“In the morning, everyone is happy. You see the cars go by fast, and maybe a hand goes up to wave,” he said. “People stop to say hello, and some thank me for doing a good job.”

“I like making sure that people, our guests, are happy,” said Aguilera. “I love my job, it’s my second family.”

His customers like him too.

“I met Roberto on my second day at a new job. I was walking down the steps at the Duke Street parking Garage and my heel got stuck in one of the metal step guards.  Roberto happened to be walking up the steps and I reported it to him. He quickly called someone and when I returned later that evening the step was repaired,” said Milzy Carrasco, director of neighborhood engagement for the City of Lancaster.

“Roberto does a great job keeping everything clean and fresh and always with a smile.  He’s awesome!” added Carrasco. “LPA is lucky to have such a dedicated worker.  His thoughtfulness and commitment to work for sure shows.”

A few years ago, a customer who received a $25 gift card for participating in an LPA survey, asked that the gift card be given to Aguilera as a token of her appreciation.

When he’s not working at the Lancaster Parking Authority, Aguilera, who has a degree in business from a college in Cuba, is likely to be at his second job.  When he has free time, he likes to travel. On weekends, Aguilera visits local parks and goes camping with his family. On longer trips, he has visited Florida, Virginia, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba, to visit his 10-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter, and other family.

But mainly, Aguilera likes living in Lancaster. He relaxes on Sundays, staying at home with his wife, Yanetsi, and eight-month-old son, Kevin, and watching TV or smelling the roses – the ones he has planted in his garden around his house.

“Lancaster is an old city with a nice history,” said Aguilera, a resident of the city for 10 years.  “It’s like my country, except in Cuba, we have both an old city and old cars.”