Emergency Info

  • Emergency Telephones: Emergency phones are red, with a background sign in red & white that reads Emergency Telephone. These phones are wall mounted. On roof level the phones are in weather proof boxes. Open the box to use the phone. If you feel threatened in any way or need emergency assistance for any reason, please use this phone. Push the silver button on the emergency call box, tell the operator what your situation is and they will dispatch the required emergency service.
  • Phone Locations: These phones are prevalent in Prince Street, Duke Street and Water Street Garages.
  • Automotive Assistance: If you need assistance such as a jump start, air for your tires and retrieving of keys from inside your car, we will try to help you. If we cannot help you, we will assist you in locating a commercial service center who can respond to your need.
  • A Security Officer does patrol all the garages after hours until late in the evening.
  • Escort: The Security Officer will escort you to your car if you desire such assistance. Call the Parking Authority Office at any time and either the office staff or the answering service will contact Security. Please provide a cell or office number so the Security can arrange to meet you. An LPA representative can be reached at (717) 299-0907 if assistance is needed.


Lancaster Parking Authority

Snow & Related Weather Emergency Policy

· A snow emergency is enacted by the City of Lancaster when there is anticipated or actual 8”+ of snow, and announced by the City on various media, website and social media outlets.

· When the snow emergency is enacted, the LPA will provide downtown residents free parking in all LPA Garages on a first come first serve basis for the duration of the snow emergency to allow for streets to be cleared.

· If one garage is full, residence may park in another garage. (RRTA provides separate approval).

· Most garage roofs will be blocked and kept empty to allow for their snow removal.

· Residents should NOT enter the garage prior to the snow emergency start time.

· Residents should pull a ticket upon entry.

· When snow emergency is lifted, residents have *two hours (or unless a longer time is agreed upon by LPA and City) to remove vehicles.

· *Two hours after the City ends the snow emergency, the hourly rate will apply for those parking longer than the grace period.

· For more information on the City’s snow emergency procedures, read here.


Why this policy? So that we can accommodate the community as best we can during a snow emergency, but also return our garages back to normal operations as soon as possible for our paying customers. There is simply not enough parking for our customers and the community to leave their cars in the garage for a prolonged period of time, especially as we try to remove snow from 6 garage rooftops which are unusable during this time.