To Report your Parking Enforcement Concerns:

Call the Lancaster Parking Authority @ (717) 299-0907

If outside weekday business hours of 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM, please leave a message!

All messages are monitored as soon as received by Lancaster Parking Authority staff 24/7/365.

Emergency parking concerns such as a blocked fire hydrant, blocked driveway or inappropriate use of a handicapped parking space, contact the Lancaster City Police @ (717) 664-1180

While the Lancaster Parking Authority & Lancaster Police Department have enforcement authority for all parking ordinances, Lancaster Parking Authority’s primary responsibilities include coverage for Meters, Residential Parking Program and Street Sweeping.


Parking Tickets:

The Lancaster Parking Authority assumes management of the city parking ordinances. Parking tickets can be paid at the LPA office located at 30 W. Orange St. Lancaster, PA 17603, or online here.


Booting & Towing:

Off Street booting & towing of vehicles in the garages and lots is handled by the Lancaster Parking Authority.

On Street booting & towing of vehicles is handled by the City of Lancaster Police Department.

If your car is booted or towed, call the Parking Authority at (717) 299-0907. You will be charged a fee to remove a boot and/or for towing.


Information on Residential Permit Parking

Daytime Residential Permit Parking (RPP) allows for 2 hours of parking by non RPP vehicles before a ticket can be issued. Enforcement officers “virtually” chalk tires and input all license plates; then return after two hours to check which vehicles are remaining that do not have a permit.

Nightime Residential Permit Parking (RPP) allows for ticketing without the 2 hour time allowance. Enforcement officers must still input all vehicle license plates on the block, and then ticket vehicles that do not have a permit.