Water Street Garage

220 North Water Street

Close To: PCAD

Per Hour Hourly $
0-1 hour $2
1-2 hour $4
2-3 hour $5
Each Additional or Partial Hour Add $1
Up to A Maximum of 24 Hours $15
Lost Ticket $26
After 5PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday $5
Monthly Rate
24/7 Access $75.00/month

ADA accessible spaces are available throughout the garage.

This cashless and automated facility is open 24/7. Credit payments are accepted in the exit lane.

Garage Monthly Permit Portal for New & Existing Customers 

  • Entrances:

    This garage has an exit/entrance off of Water Street.

  • Capacity: 623 spaces
  • Clearance: 6'8" at entrance and exit
  • Lost Tickets:

    Patrons pay the maximum daily rate of $26.00. Amounts are reimbursed if the ticket is found and the $26 receipt is provided. Reimbursement can be obtained at the main office.