Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the rates for meter parking change?
The rates for meter parking will not change at this time. All of the meters require $.25 cents for 10 minutes. Meters have a two hour time limit. If you plan on parking over two hours, you should park in an LPA garage. LPA garage locations can be found on our website.

Q: Will the fines for on-street ticketing change?
The following fines will change:

  • Overtime parking at no meter: $10 to $20
  • Street sweeping: $20 to $25
  • Parking in a loading zone: $10 to $20

Q: When are on-street meters enforced?
Per city ordiance, enforcement times will remain the same: Monday – Saturday 8:00am to 6:00 pm. This information can be found on the kiosks and meters.

Q: Can I still use my ParkLancaster app to pay for parking?
Yes, the ParkLancaster app will still be available for parking payment. The app allows you to pay on your phone, find your vehicle, receive updates when your parking will expire, and add time to your parking meter. You can download the app by searching “Park Lancaster” in the App Store. If you don’t have a smart phone you can still pay by phone by calling 1(877) 727-5281.

Q: Can I use Pay by Phone if I don’t have an iPhone?
Yes, you can use the ParkMobile app that is available for Android, Windows Phones, and Blackberry. ParkMobile users will enter the zone number in the app allowing them to pay for parking in Lancaster City.

Q: How does the Parking Enforcement Officer know I paid?
Parking enforcement officers will use a handheld device to look up the license plate of a vehicle and confirm payment.
Single space meters paid for with coins will show the amount of time paid for on the meter head which enforcement officers will reference. When using Pay by Phone on the single space meter, EXPIRED will be displayed on the meter head and parking enforcement officers will use a handheld device to look up the license plate number of the vehicle and confirm payment.

Q: How do I disupte a parking ticket?

Tickets may be disputed with the Lancaster Parking Authority for the following reasons:

  • An error in the license plate number entered at the payment kiosk, in the Pay-by-Phone app or on the ticket,
  • The vehicle has a valid Residential Parking Permit for the area, or
  • A malfunctioning parking meter or kiosk.

To file a dispute for one of the above reasons, contact the Lancaster Parking Authority in person at the office at 30 W. Orange St., by telephone at 717-299-0907 or by email to

Disputes for any other reason will be adjudicated at a formal hearing at a Magisterial District Justice (MDJ) office. If you wish to dispute a ticket for any other reason, do not pay the ticket. Paid tickets will not be sent to the MDJ system. No action is required until you receive a notification from the MDJ office regarding the citation. This typically will be after approximately 30 – 45 days from the issue date of the ticket. Once you receive the citation, follow the instructions to plead “not guilty” to the ticket and request a hearing. If you are ultimately found guilty, you will be required to pay Magistrate fees in addition to the ticket amount.

Q: If the license plate number is entered incorrectly can it be corrected?
Yes, before your transaction is complete you can either use the backspace key to make corrections, or cancel the entire transaction by pressing the red “x” button and starting over.

Q: What should I do if I entered my plate number incorrectly and received a ticket?
Contact the LPA office if you feel you have incorrectly been issued a parking ticket.

Q: Can I pay for on-street parking and then move to another space within the paid for time?
Yes, however our goal for on street is to turn over spaces for the benefit of the business community, not to encourage someone to move their vehicle from space to space in a small downtown.

Q: Will garage parking change?
No, garage parking will not be effected by pay-by-plate or changes to enforcement.

Q: Will enforcement only take place downtown?
No, enforcement will be implemented city wide, not just in the downtown investment district.

Q: Will the LPA be available 24/7 for parking issues?
Yes, you can call our office at (717) 299-0907.

Q: What is the time period between booting and towing a vehicle?
Per the Vehicle & Traffic Ordinances, the boot shall remain in place for 48 hours unless the owner has complied with Ordinance rules for fines, fees, and court costs. If such compliance has not occured in 48 hours, the vehicle shall be towed or impounded.

Q: Why am I being charged for the full two hours when I used my credit card at a kiosk?
It is posted on the kiosk that there is a 2 hour minimum when paying with a credit card because of the credit card fees associated with this payment method. If you do not want to pay for a full 2 hours, we recommend using coins, bills, or Pay by Phone (which allows you to use a credit card through the app.)

Q: When will enforcement begin for the Residential Permit Program (RPP)?
As in past years with the city, there is a grace period to allow for the over 2,000 residents in permit areas to sign up for their 2017 permit. With LPA taking over and a new application process, we anticipate enforcement will commence on or about February 1, 2017 for this year.

Q: Will RPP enforcement be every day?
There are over 50 residential permit parking blocks throughout the entire city, from Southwest to Northeast. With limited personnel and resources, it is unrealistic to expect residential permit parking enforcement to occur every day on every block. But enforcement will occur on a consistent basis to enforce the city ordinances within these blocks.

Q: Why did I get a ticket immediately after my meter expired?
There are times when a ticket is written and the owner comes out to their vehicle just after the ticket is written. This gives the impression that parking enforcement officers are “hiding in the bushes” waiting for the meter to expire. This is never the case. Parking enforcement officers walk or drive a route. They ticket expired meters in the course of their route. The meter could have been expired for 5 or 15 minutes ago.