Citation Payment

Successful payments will receive an email when complete. The citation will be withdrawn within fourteen (14) days of payment receipt.

There is a service charge of $2.50 minimum, for online payments.  This fee is assessed by the payment processor to cover the cost of credit card transaction fees.

Amount Paid $0.00

Minimum Amount: $30.00

Processing Fee $2.50
Total Payable Amount $32.50

Last Name

First Name

Citation Number

Citation numbers are listed on notices provided from the MDJ. Example: E0123456-0


Unpaid parking violations are submitted to the local Magisterial District Judges for prosecution. The LPA offers defendants the opportunity to pay their violations prior to scheduled hearings to avoid additional fees.

It is the right of the defendant to decline this offer and continue with the adjudication process.

If cases has been decided by the courts and disposition is visible, payment cannot be accepted and the violation will not be withdrawn. If a defendant is unsure of a case status, please visit to verify at the UJS Portal of PA.

Citations will not be withdrawn if the proper amount is not paid in full.

Below is the list of violations and their associated costs. 

1 Overtime Parking, No Meter $30.00
2 Overtime Parking, Residential Permit Parking area (no meter) $35.00
3 No Parking, Loading Zone $30.00
4 Meter Violation $30.00
5 Street Cleaning $35.00
6 Parking Left Side $30.00
7 Parking More than 12″ from curb $30.00
8 No Parking, Bus Stop $30.00
9 No Parking, 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM $35.00
10 No Parking or Stopping Permitted $30.00
11 Parking Less than 20 feet from intersection or crosswalk $40.00
12 Parking less than 15 feet from fire hydrant $85.00
13 Double Parking, blocking traffic lanes $85.00
14 No Parking, Oversized Vehicles $210.00
15 Parking less than 30 feet from traffic signal or stop sign $40.00
16 No Parking, Fire lane $85.00
17 No Parking, handicap zone $210.00
18 Snow Emergency, Snow Removal Street $40.00
19 No Parking, blocking driveway or garage $85.00
20 No Parking, blocking emergency driveways, garages, or ingress, egress and regress therefrom $210.00
21 Parking in Neighborhood Parking Permit Area without permit $35.00
22 No Parking, blocking or parking on sidewalk $85.00
23 Expired Registration $30.00
24 Parking incorrectly in back-in-angle parking spots $30.00
25 No Parking in front of handicapped curb ramp $85.00