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* There is a service charge of 4% of the amount paid, with a $2.50 minimum, for online payments.  This fee is assessed by the payment processor to cover the cost of credit card transaction fees.

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Beginning January 1, 2017 the Lancaster Parking Authority (LPA) will assume management of enforcement of the city parking ordinances. This includes fines for parking. You can pay parking fines online using the link to the right.

You will need the parking ticket number and the license plate number of the offending vehicle to pay the parking fine.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (717) 299-0907.



Tickets may be disputed with the Lancaster Parking Authority for the following reasons:
An error in the license plate number entered at the payment kiosk, in the Pay-by-Phone app or on the ticket,
The vehicle has a valid Residential Parking Permit for the area, or
A malfunctioning parking meter or kiosk.

To file a dispute for one of the above reasons, contact the Lancaster Parking Authority in person at the office at 30 W. Orange St., by telephone at 717-299-0907 or email to

Disputes for any other reason will be adjudicated at a formal hearing at a Magisterial District Justice (MDJ) office. If you wish to dispute a ticket for any other reason, do not pay the ticket. Paid tickets will not be sent to the MDJ system. No action is required until you receive a notification from the MDJ office regarding the citation. This typically will be after approximately 30 – 45 days from the issue date of the ticket. Once you receive the citation, follow the instructions to plead “not guilty” to the ticket and request a hearing. If you are ultimately found guilty, you will be required to pay Magistrate fees in addition to the ticket amount.