Residential Parking Permit

Apply & Pay for Residential Parking Permit Here

*There is a service charge of 4% of the amount paid, with a $2.50 minimum, for online payments. This fee is assessed by the payment processor to cover the cost of credit card transaction fees. 

Permit Application Form

If you wish to obtain your permit in person, print and complete the permit application form above for fastest service.

List of District Numbers

 List of District Numbers


Scanned copies or photos of your required documents for proof of residency can be attached to your online application.

You will need the following items to apply for a residential parking permit either online or in person:

  • Driver’s License (with current address)
  • Vehicle Registration (with current address)
  • Valid insurance card for registered vehicle

If your current address is not on your driver’s license, you will not be able to purchase a permit until you have a driver’s license address change completed and submitted with your driver’s license. Exceptions due to secondary residence or use of another person’s vehicle will be evaluated individually and additional documentation will be required to determine eligibility for a residential parking permit.

How to Renew Online