$5 After 5PM Weekend Program

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5after5This program is for all LPA garages (Water Street, Prince Street, Penn Square, Duke Street and East King).

  • $5 after 5:00 PM Program is a $5.00 flat rate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. The $5 flat fee is in effect from 5:00 PM until 5:00 AM. If you leave the garage after 5:00 AM, the entire stay will be calculated at the standard hourly rates.

  • In the East King Street and Penn Square Garages, the Automated Pay on Foot Stations are programmed to reflect this fee. Credit Cards, up to four (4) discount coupons and/or visitor passes will still be accepted.
  • If for any reason a garage is closed and/or the attendants are not working, an automated machine will be available to accept the $5.00 fee or other accommodations will be in place.
  • The Automated Garages, Penn Square and East King Street, have some additional benefits. You may use a credit card at the entrance gate to enter the garage. When you exit, use the same credit card at the exit gate and the system will calculate the fees and charge your credit card. You do not have to go to the pay on foot unit.
  • An additional credit card feature at the two Automated Garages allows credit card payments at the exit. When entering the garage, if a patron pulls a ticket, when he/she exits, the patron can insert the ticket, use any discount tickets (validations, visitor passes, etc.) and then insert a credit card to pay the final fee. Again, this method does not require using the pay on foot unit.