Parking in Lancaster City

There have been recent questions asked about how payment is made on the streets in Lancaster city. The “old fashioned” meters were 50 years old, and parts and service are nearly obsolete. In anticipation of this issue, over 10 years ago, we incorporated on-street multi-space kiosks (with the additional benefit of cleaning up the Streetscape) and a new technology at the time, pay by phone. More recently, most of the old meters were eliminated (except on Market Street between the Post Office and County Building) but making sure there is nearly one kiosk per block within the Downtown Investment District (DID), with only a few exceptions, so that someone can […]

Lancaster Parking Authority debuts Mobile Parking app

Visitors to Downtown Lancaster can now pay for on-street parking at more than 1,000 spots with an app on their smartphones and tablets.  Read Full Article Here Read the Press Release Here For more information on Pay By Phone click Here